Annushka (Anna), a Repainted and Rewigged 18″ Gotz Sissel Skille Vinyl Doll by Daria of Russian Lullabies


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Product Description

Anna was originally a factory 18″ doll created by Gotz using a Sissel Skille face mold. She has been completely stripped and repainted for added realism. Her wig has been upgraded with an American Girl Kanani wig.I have also selected and made a unique combination of clothing and accessories. All of these come together to make a super realistic little girl. I hope you enjoy!

I have repainted Anna using Genesis Heat Set Paints in a multitude of extremely thin layers in order to give her skin the depth and texture that you expect on a real girl.  Anna has super realistic painted eyebrows, fingernails and toenails that replace the simple details that came from the factory.  She also has blushing and other skin features like freckles all over her body. Her paint is sealed with a layer of varnish for added durability.  
You can clean the doll gently with a damp washcloth: Please do not use alcohol or other harsh cleaners/solvents because they may dissolve the varnish and paint.

Included Items

Anna will arrive to her new home with the following articles of clothing and accessories, ready for the summer holidays:

  • A Gotz glitter flower outfit with pink skirt, floral blouse, and kitten shoes
  • A pair of white Gotz underwear
  • 2x OOAK bracelets custom made by me using glass beads and crystals
  • A jeweled crystal hair clip
  • A lace white summer hat
  • A pair of pink sunglasses
  • A Russian Lullabies certificate of authenticity

Anna will come in an original Gotz box.

Payment Terms
 Payment is expected within 7 days of auction end.  I accept layaways on orders over $500.  My terms are 33% of the auction total due within 7 days of auction end as a non refundable deposit.  The balance is due within 90 days.


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