Linn, a 27″ Vinyl Gotz Sissel Skille Doll Repainted by Daria of Russian Lullabies


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I am proud to present Linn, the first repainted 27″ Gotz Skille that I have offered for sale. Linn is a beautiful Sissel Skille sculpt that was only produced in China. I instantly fell in love with the soft features of her face but had trouble looking past the greenish paint job, simple details, and poorly proportioned eyes that we associate with the Chinese production of these dolls. Thankfully Linn was an earlier doll with a true armature (2004, she is #13/500), so i endeavored to repaint and upgrade her to reveal this wonderful doll.

The first thing I did was to upgrade some of her components with higher quality versions. Her eyes were replaced with a set of better eyes from another 27″ Skille. Her eye lashes were upgraded to be softer and more realistic.

I then took the doll apart and removed all of the factory paint, allowing me to replace her skin tone using Genesis Heat Set Paints and the multi-layered, hyper realistic techniques that I developed as an award winning reborn artist. I both corrected her color and added details to her skin tone which is why she looks like a real little girl. This paint is extremely durable because it was baked on after each layer and then sealed with varnish. You can gently clean her with a damp cloth without any risk to the paint, but you should still avoid using chemicals (including rubbing alcohol). Her face has realistic freckles, blush, and details such as veins and nail beds, but my ultimate goal was to make an artist doll that would be at home in a collection of nice, german factory Skilles so the detail is quite subtle when viewed from afar. She looks great in a collection of other Skilles or similar factory dolls.

Linn will come to you professionally wrapped in her original box, wearing her complete original outfit, with all of her paperwork still attached to her vest, just as she came from the factory. That original outfit includes: tights, wonderfully detailed boots, a long sleeved white t-shirt, a patterned pink dress, and a brown vest with flowers. I will also include a red knitted hat, a Jelly Cat stuffed animal named James the Goose (new with tags), and a hand made kitten for her. She is also wearing a few hair clips. Please see pictures for details — Other items are props and are not included.

Linn was fortunately able to accompany me on a recent trip to Sequoia National Park in California. Linn loves the outdoors and enjoyed the opportunity to experience the alpine landscape. You can see a few photos from her trip in the photo gallery.

Please note that this price does includes shipping within the Domestic US. If you are an international buyer or are interested in discussing layaway options, please email me at Her price is $1200 + shipping. I am assuming that domestic shipping will be about $60.


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