Repainted Patsy doll (by Tonner) with Ann Estelle (also Tonner) body, with upgraded eyes, lashes and wig.


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This is the first repaint I have done on a Patsy doll and I am really excited with how she turned out.  I switched out her body for an Ann Estelle body because it gives her a cuter look and the clothing fits better.  I painted additional details onto the body including: Body blushing, toe nails, a belly button and nipples, and finger nails.  I also swapped out her wig for a higher quality set of soft black curls.  She has upgraded eyes (to match her personality!) and beautiful soft brown lashes.  I also painted the lower lashes.  Her face has been completely redone to give her a more realistic look while maintaining her overall cuteness.  The listed price includes shipping within the domestic US, and will have the doll come with a set of underwear, shoes and stockings, and a simple snow white dress (pictures to come).  If you would like to also purchase the more detailed snow white dress that is currently in the pictures, it would be an additional $110.


This doll measures 10″ tall and is made out of hard vinyl.  She can wear all Ann Estelle clothing and most of the Patsy clothing.  There are a few things that she cannot wear due to her finger position.  She has been painted with industrial strength genesis heat set paints and sealed, but please be aware that it is still possible to damage her paint job through rough handling.


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