About Me

My name is Daria Makarenkova and I am the artist behind Russian Lullabies Nursery.
I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1981. My email address is dariasdolls@yahoo.com. I am now living in San Diego, California.

I have loved dolls ever since I can remember, especially baby dolls.
Not many dolls were available in stores in Russia during communist times.
I vividly remember wanting a real-looking baby doll, but I never got one until I was 17 and
living in New York City. It was a Berenguer soft-bodied sleeper. It was just a blank doll,
but I thought the detail on it was incredible! I got an idea of somehow customizing it,
so I glued on some mohair to his bald head and got him some real baby clothing.
Inspired, I started looking on the Internet for more realistic dolls and eventually found
Lee Middleton dolls and the first available reborns.


Here are some examples of my prior work: